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Our Academy conducts its coaching and training programme on the basis of following some principles and convictions:

  • Our class coaching is very interactive.
  • The coverage of general study's syllabus should be both in the conventional and the currents aspects.
  • Highlighting of the interconnections and conceptual linkages is crucial for success.
  • The commitment of the student should be continuously strengthened with periodical examinations and clarifications of doubts
  • The object is to build confidence and clarity which is very important for success in the Civil Services Examination. Our teaching methods are rooted in certain time tested principles, which lead students to understand the basics and encourage them to question the facts and concepts, rather than just accepting them blindly. Our effort is not only to provide them with a roadmap to their dream of entering the Civil Services, but continuously supporting them along this marathon journey, tracking individual progress and making course corrections.
  • At indian IAS academy we are driven by our guiding purpose "create better civil servants". What does this mean? We don't just prepare the students to crack the exam, instead it is our intent to produce officers who have compassion for the poor and the needy, possess integrity, act with impartiality and never waver from the path of what is right. In short make our students stand for something and make a difference.
  • Above all, result oriented preparation should be the goal.


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