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Section officer ( sachivalaya) / GPSC

The general duty of a desk/section officer are distribution of work among the staff, provide them training, help and advising the staff management and coordination of work maintenance of order and discipline in the section maintenance of a list of residential address of the staff.


The Mamalatdar is gazetted officer of the state government, he plays role of head of taluka, who shall be the chief officer entrusted with the local revenue administration of a taluka.

State tax officer

State tax officer are civil servants, its come under finance department of Gujarat. They are responsible for all state taxes.

Section officer (sachivalaya)

Taluka is rural local governments (panchayats) at the intermediate level in panchayat raj institution (PRI). each department of taluka has its own officer. they are government appointed. taluka development officer is the supervisor of the extension officer.

Goverment labour officer

Labour officer play a specialized role in the field of Human Resources in government department. They have to concern himself with the implementation of labour laws and the maintenance of proper working condition.

Tribal devlopment officer

Tribal development officer comes under commissioner of taluka Development. Taluka Development officer works for scheduled tribes is to improve their quality of life by increasing and ensuring their access to education, healthcare and income generation.

Distric Inspector land record

Agriculture countries like India rely on land revenue. district inspector of land record is the technical advisor to the collector, who executes the administrative orders of the respective collector related to survey and land records. He is a revenue officer .According to the measurement and frequency of the measurement, they are assigned to one or two talukas. During the Monsoon season, they perform other work related to repair, record keeping in the survey records of cases of screening of measurement during the year.

Assistant director , food and civil supply

This post is comes under food , civil supplies and consumer affairs department. district supply officer are required to issue supply related work like issuing ration card, appointing reasonable price shoppers and issuing them monthly quantity of 5 rummyets , operating under public distribution system etc.

Social Welfare Officer

Social welfare officer is state government officer. they provide assistance to needy individuals and families. They make social welfare policies that allows all citizen of a particular nation to live within their basic rights with access to some of the most basic social amenties.

municipal Chief Officer

Municipal chief officer is a person who holds or occupies a municipal office. Municipal chief officer is generally civil servants of provisional services (state public service) rank officers who is appointed by state government to govern municipalities with population over a million.

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